Monday, September 19, 2011

Perspective Series: Looking Up

I've been on a photography roll lately.  I wanted to do a series of posts on perspectives.  My favorite challenge of photography is finding that perspective that tells the story you may not see right away.  The first one is looking up...

All these photos were taken in Athens last year.  I did not post many photos from our trip & really should have.  I have some beautiful shots - not to mention silly ones of the boys.  They were bored to death of all the "old stuff".  (Note: the photos without captions are because I can't find my notes on the names of the actual places.  Sad!)


 My favorite shot of the Acropolis 


Acropolis - notice the scaffolding on the side - there was some major work going on while we were there


I have a fascination with looking up & shooting a picture.  What do you see when you look up?
I'll have more pictures "looking up" in Kuwait.

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Joan said...

i love how acropolis looks from all the possible angles!