Friday, April 8, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

Being a military family, you move around a lot.  My husband & I joke about what we will do when we have to live in an area for more than 3 years - that has been our longest time frame in one area.  Our shortest was 8 months.  Prior to living in Kuwait we moved every year for 5 years, sometimes twice within a year.  The crazy life we lead, but it's ours!

Crystal's creation is on the left, my original is on the right.
Shortly after we got to Kuwait & settled into our life here, I decided to make a canvas, Home is Where the Heart Is.  I have all these little hearts of the places we've lived.  My sweet & creative friend Crystal made a comment way back when that she'd like one of those canvases for her.  Almost a year later we finally got together & made one.

Crystal & her new canvas
We spent the day chatting, laughing & creating.  I had to laugh at her FB post that she didn't know if she would be creative enough.  The joy of crafting with others is learning from them - you get a whole other perspective.  She even taught me a few things :)

Crystal's Home is Where the Heart Is - 10x10 gallery canvas - acrylics, inks, paper
Crystal is one of my friends leaving this year - she'll have a new heart to add.  While moving to different locations is a constant in this life we live, you never quite get used to it. 


Crystal said...

YAHOO!!!! I love my canvas : ) Thank you, Nerissa!!

I feel like we should have spent that time together long ago. But, I am so thankful we did and I think I could do that with you every day ; ) If only that was my "day" job, eh?!
You have been a true blessing to me Nerissa and I am honored to get to know you better. May God Bless the remainder of your time in Q8!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I love the canvases! Great job to both of you.