Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I've Learned from Christy Tomlinson

    WIP: 8x10 flat canvas panel Acrylic & Modeling Paste
  1. Yellow is awesome!  And yellow & grey is just beautiful. 
  2. I've been introduced to modeling paste & wondered why I haven't used it before.
  3. It's okay if rub-ons & rubber stamps don't make a complete & perfect impression.  Really, it is!
  4. I'm using stuff I've had in my stash for the first time.  Seriously, some of my cling stamps, embellishments & canvases were in the original packaging - for a year or two...
  5. I must order more canvases stat!  With the canvas shortage I'm looking for new surfaces to attack beautify.  I have some birdhouses I bought last summer & they have not been touched.
  6. I've found a use for dried up baby wipes!  They make awesome "paper towels" for cleaning brushes, stamps, fingers - all sorts of messes.
  7. It has been liberating to be able to let go of the "perfectness" I feel should be in my art.  If I mess up, I work with it.  There's always gesso available as well :)
If you are looking for something to do, go join Christy's class.  You won't be disappointed!  As a matter of fact, I can't stop!

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