Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If You Take One Class This Year...

I just absolutely love Christy Tomlinson & the She Art class.  I am just in love with the entire experience I have had.  Christy is a completely giving teacher, the class itself is well organized & jam packed, & my fellow classmates have been the bomb!

Debutante ~ WIP ~ 8x10 flat canvas panel ~ mixed media
Acrylic paints, Vintage book paper
Debutante  ~ 8x10 flat canvas panel ~ mixed media
Acrylic paints, Vintage book paper, decorative papers, German scrap, markers, ink

Christy is the ultimate teacher.  I have so much respect for her.  She teaches you her techniques then encourages you to find your own style & go with it.  Christy completely shares all her ideas & best practices.  She even shares her emotions & you see the passion she has for her art.  The cool thing about this class is you can be at any level of mixed media - beginner to advanced.  I am somewhere in between & this class has brought my canvases to the next level.  I haven't been afraid to experiment & I've been using all these art supplies I've bought (Codeword: hoarded) & never cracked open. 

Beloved ~WIP detail ~ 4x4 artist canvas ~ mixed media

Beloved  ~ 4x4 mixed media canvas
Acrylics, decorative paper,clip art, rub-ons, ink, rhinestones

Go check out the flickr group, the She Art Workshop, & take a look at what everyone has been creating.  It is amazing to see how everyone takes what she has taught & puts their own creative spin.  It's incredible to see the work of people that are newbies.  So if you're on the fence, get off it!!  If you take a look at her blog, she has a tutorial tab with some freebie instruction.  As a matter of fact, I was so excited waiting for the class I started my first canvas before the class even started.  I watched all her tutorials & picked up some ideas.  (My first canvas is at the top of the post titled Debutante)

Ex-Pat in Kuwait ~ WIP ~ 8x10 flat canvas panel ~ mixed media
Acrylic paints, Vintage book paper, Silk, ink

Christy also has an awesome store.  She offered the students a coupon to use & all the basics for the class can be found at one place.  May I make a confession?  I've already ordered 3 times from her (did I just write that for all the world to see, including my husband).  Honestly, if you are a craft hoarder like me you probably have most of the basic supplies.  Living in Kuwait, I found out who would ship to an APO (thank you joann.com) & have stockpiled on necessities.  I won't tell you what a stockpile of necessities I have on canvases alone.  Let's just say I've been stockpiling for almost a year & a half now!

Fashion ~ WIP ~ 8x10 flat canvasAcrylic paints, Decorative papers, markers, ink, embossing powder

Personally, I'm excited about what I've learned.  I want to make a canvas for myself with all of my titles (wife, mom, teacher, doctor, taxi driver...)  I'm excited to make some canvases with quotes & explore other imagery besides the art girls, which I've already started to do.  I'm hoping to turn some of these into teacher gifts - I think they are perfect!  I want to make mini canvases to put on cards.  I want to make canvases for my boys room.  Oh the list is endless. 

Fly ~ detail ~ 4x4 Studio Canvas ~ mixed media
Acrylic paints, Decorative papers, Marker, Ink, Rub-ons

So on the personal front, I didn't mean to be gone for so long.  I don't plan blog breaks & this one just happened.  I am actually still working through a tough creative time for me.  I was on such a roll then I just had to stop.  This class has helped me keep my creative juices flowing.  I don't know what happened, but I hit a wall on all fronts.  It's been frustrating but I'm working through it.  I know I still owe a few posts:  I need to still name the winner of OWOH & I was part of an incredible Valentines Day swap that I still want to get on here.  I promise to not be a stranger & to get those posts done this week.

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