Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Beth absolutely out did herself.  She was my swap partner & I've had to take a few hours days to digest & let it all sink in.  Make sure to take a peek at Beth's blog, she's brand new to blogging! Her flickr account is here. We both participated in Molly's Crown Swap.  See the blogs of all participants here.

As you can see from my blurry pictures I was shaking with excitement as I opened & tried to document all of the goodies.  Also I "artistically" took pictures on my comforter cause I was waayy too excited to take them in the craft room.  I am like a little kid sometimes.

 Seriously, his & her crown tins with a jeweled handle. AND all the fun goodies inside!

 I almost cried when I unwrapped this beauty.

And then I did when I saw these beauties inside. Items from her personal stash that she gifted to me.  I am always so lucky to meet talented & giving artists.

Yet more crown/pink themed items for me.

And look, a tiny crown in pink in it's own little storage box.  Eek!

Here's the absolutely stunning box my crown came in.  Since we move all the time, I'm so darn excited that she has her own box to be packed in.

So here she is!  What a beauty!  I think she needs a name.  I'm working on that, but I'll take suggestions.  So don't laugh.  These are the only 2 pictures that came out of the crown.  I was just a tad on the excited side.  I'll have to take more pictures tomorrow when I get some light.  In the meanwhile, you can take a look at her photos over here.  I'm really laughing that I was so excited & took pictures on my comforter.  I do have a nice place set up in the craft room...

  Go visit Beth & say hi!  I was so touched by her generosity.  She very obviously put so much love & thought into my crown & gifts.  Everything in that box screams me.  We're visiting the states soon & my box made me feel like I was back home.  Thank you for bringing some of the states over to the desert.


Fleur de Bee said...

Haha! I have a post with my crown going up called this same blog title! Check out all your amazing goodies! You WERE so very spoiled. You lucky gal! Soooo happy you two were matched up so well! That tiny crown...ADORABLE!! eek! LURVE it! Love it ALL!


Anonymous said...

She sure did! Just like a queen to have many crowned jewels :-) How precious is that crown with pink jewels!

Hhhmmm I can't think of a name perfect for it. I do wonder, have you tried them already in front of the mirror? I sure imagine it would be fun :-)

Hello Nerissa!


The Beading Gem said...

That's quite a haul! Such a generous swap.

Beth said...

Beautiful. Glad you're getting treated like a queen : )