Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've Survived Week 1

It's been the first week of having both boys home & I've not only survived but enjoyed it.  I've been busy everyday trying to come up with some sort of activity for the kids & I.  Today we visited the Hilton beach & pool.  It's not the easiest thing to come up with activities that take into consideration the weather here & not break the bank.

I love taking pictures here.

We ended the trip with lunch at Pizza Express.  The boys made their own pizza.  Josh is still wearing his pizza cooker hat.  I wonder what next week holds!


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Labour of Love said...

Nerissa...totally know what you mean...everyday the munchkins ask, "so, what are we gonna do today?!" about just relaxin?! Nope...not good enough...well, I'm off to take a cool shower and then we're off to another adventure...

ps...♥ the photos...what a fab place to go...the pics are amazing and the boys look like they're enjoying 100%...what a great Mommy you are...xoxo jo;)