Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti By Hand

I happily stumbled upon this store by some roundabout blog surfing.  Boy am I glad I did.  Haiti By Hand is a store set up by Rebecca Sower.  Here is the description in the store announcement:
Haiti By Hand is an artisan group of Haitian women begun by Rebecca Sower. Just days before the earthquakes of January 2010, Rebecca was in Haiti working with this group of women. This etsy shop was established to showcase and sell the handcrafts of the Haitians, as well as a shop to sell items donated by artists and crafters who want to help this group of Haitians rebuild and establish themselves after the devastation of the earthquakes.

The entire purchase price of every item in this shop goes directly to the relief and rebuilding efforts of Haiti By Hand in Despinos, Haiti.

I Love that Rebecca is teaching these women a skill.  They are being empowered.  What an amazing & inspiring story.  You can read the stories & see pictures of the work first hand over at the blog.
What can you do?  Shop.  Donate your artwork or supplies -  Twitter, Facebook, Blog.  Do what you can.  Tomorrow, I'll be donating some new jewelry I've been working on.  I just need the sun to peek out in my world.


jediflame said...

I just wanted to pop over and say thank you for the sweet, lovely comment you left on my blog! :) I'm so glad that you're enjoying the organizational posts.

Isn't Rebecca's shop the most heartwarming thing? I read in her blog that she was in Haiti for a mission trip and returned home just before the earthquake hit. Just an amazing story.

The Beading Gem said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. BTW this is an excellent post about a remarkable artisan.