Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little of This & A Little of That

I'm headed into that time of year when I'm juggling a million things. I keep reminding myself what's important. I'm a mom & wife first - party planner, business person, creative crazy woman all follow. I've always struggled with balance.

Just one earring for now. I got tired wire wrapping!

I keep wanting to put stuff in my store, but I have some important visitors coming for Thanksgiving that I've been preparing for. I don't have time to create, so I find pockets here & there & end up with lots of things started & not a lot done. It's all a balancing act.
Here are some peeks of the artwork I've been working on. I've got more pics on flickr.

Oh yea, a little holiday bazaar coming up & I don't have enough inventory & will they even like my stuff & ... I've decided to just enjoy it. I had no idea coming to Kuwait I would have the opportunity to show my wares. There are quite a few holiday bazaars to look into for next year. Seriously, I'm starting to plan for next Christmas in February :)


Cindy said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I just signed up today for Artist Class ...right at the tail end. I had put it off because I didn't think I'd have time (I appreciate the juggling you're going through...I'm feeling that time crunch now too!). I decided to jump in even if I can't work on these projects until after the holidays. Your beautiful stamped keys are what did it for me...I knew that I would HAVE to sign up for the tutorial! :-)
Cindy said...

You are so right, the balancing act is a tough one. Aren't we lucky that we can be flexible as artists?

Jackie said...

HI! It's Jackie here, your ornament exchange partner! I'm just a tiny bit behind, but I'm mailing tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I was trying to take it super easy over the weekend because my husband was out of town and I didn't want to go into labor!

Happy holidays. It should arrive soon!

Love your blog!
Love your style! So fun to get to know you!