Monday, July 20, 2009

Doin' the Happy Dance

Hi all! It's been forever & a day! I FINALLY have my computer back from the repair shop & a screen that no longer flickers :)

I've been dying to get my computer back because I've wanted to play with my new PSE program. I got it waaaayy back in April for my birthday & have not had much of a chance to play with it. This is what I've been doing all weekend, well, in between laundry & running to the post office. I have my first download available for you :) It's a collage sheet with artwork sized for ATC's but can be used in other ways. I've included fronts & backs.
I'm having so much fun doing this, that I hope to be able to make this a regular thing on my blog.

House of 3
How did I do this? First, many thanks to Rhonna Farrer & House of 3 for the inspiration & tutorials. By the way, my blog decor is courtesy of them!! Just by reading the tutorials, I was able to load brushes & flip them! I didn't even have to watch any videos. This girl's good!
The second place I've been hanging is DeviantArt. I didn't know so many free brushes exsisted! The artists are super generous with their work. I have links to the brushes I've used over on the flickr page.
You should be able to download the sheet here on my blog (just click on the picture) or off flickr. It's 8.5 x 11. I hope you enjoy it & just a quick note that the items on the sheet are only for personal use as all of the brushes are not comercial. I would like to honor the requests of the artists that have so generously shared these brushes.
On the moving note, well, we're moving eventually! Our passports are just about done. I'm so anxious to go get settled. I'm having insomnia problems so photoshop has been my friend in the evenings.


angelandspot said...

That is pretty. I saw it on flickr and came right over. I am now going to follow your blog. I might just have to print it out to use on some ATCS later on when I get more ink for the printer. :)

Avital said...

Your work is FANTASTIC. I love the House of 3 as well :)