Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Capture Your Dreams Workshop Week 1 Day 1 & 2

I've been iching to do lots of creative things this summer with the kids & with my "me" time. Yes, you moms out there know what that is, right? I purchased a spot in this workshop Capture Your Dream in late June & couldn't wait for July to get here fast enough. It's only day 2 & I'm having a ball! Avital is creative & encouraging. I think you can still join in on the fun if you want.

We are making a mixed media journal using all sorts of fun stuff & jounaling about our dreams in the process. I seem to be at a crossroads with my creative dreams, so this is perfect. What's not so perfect is I'm in the middle of this move & most of my artsy stuff is on some airplane/slow boat on the way to the desert. I figure I'll wing it until then, or go shopping :)

Since I'm so into this digital thing, I made an ATC of what photos I needed. Below are 3 of the photos I've used with some of the journaling. I still need to get the other 2 done. I was wondering how to unify all these random photos together. Some photos I just took today & others are a bit older. I decided to reverse saturate all the photos, use frames to emphasize some of the objects in the photos & journal right on top of them. I selected the strongest characteristic & used a different font.
This first picture is my jewelry. I was sorting & packing lots of pieces today & decided to take a picture. Just like my pieces, the materials, & the techniques I use, I love to describe myself as eclectic.
How could I not take a picture of my many bags & pieces of luggage I've been living out of. Not only have we been living out of luggage for the past 7 weeks, we really have never been settled since 2004. Before the birth of my second son (who turns 4 tomorrow!) we've had a move, cross country, cross base, up & down the coast. You name it, we did it. I'm not the most flexible person, but it's opened me up to lots of possibilities. I love a good adventure ~ especially when it involves looking for good inspiration & junk!

I LOVE this picture. I've been crafting all summer with the boys. They decided to draw a family portrait. I'll get the other 2 pictures up tomorrow. I may actually get to bed tonight before 2am!


Avital said...

First, thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying our journey.
second, I LOVE your photos, or should I say mini-digital-art-goodness. Beautiful, thoughtful and soulful!

Jill Dater said...

I'm in the class too. I like how your pictures have a lot going on in them. I wanted to express how chaotic my life is with 2 kids but just couldn't figure out how to do it. Your clearly a pink sparkly, gray kind of person.

Anonymous said...

Do I see a pink bird cage in that first photo? Sorry, but I LOVE it! I am in the class too ... I think not having all your 'stuff' might be useful in this class ... just my feeling on it!

Anonymous said...

capturing one's dreams - how nice! :-) I love the last one with those doodles. so cute! :-)