Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost There

It's almost been 100 posts for me on this blog. I originally started on another blog but had issues with explorer every time I signed in. I'm such a computer idiot that I thought I infected my computer with some sort of virus.
I started blogging because I was in such a funk. The summer of 2006, my husband was deployeed for the first time & away from the family. I was attempting to sell 2 houses in MD while we temporarily moved to FL. Probably the most difficult thing personally was that I was suffering from postpartum depression & had the 2 boys. I turned to art & found some comfort. I saw an old episode of Crafter's Coast to Coast on HGTV that featured Gina Armfield. I printed out her project & looked up her website. I found her blog & thought "What are these blog things?" I started stalking her & other bloggers. I found friends. I found a warm inviting community. I found people that love creating as much as I did. I found people who found junk & made treasure. It's amazing, these bloggers, I've found wonderful friends from all around the world.
I'm going to do a little giveaway when I reach my 100th post. Stay tuned!! The artwork in this post is all new work I've done; another collaged frame, a bracelet in the works & some Valentines Day clips made from clothes pins.


Linda said...

Nerissa, the bracelets are adorable. BTW, I also saw that episode of Crafters Coast to Coast with Gina Armfield and that is when my art journey began. Back in February 2007 I saw the show and I also was in a funk. I saw what she did and started exploring the internet and found other artists as well as Gina's blog and decided to give it a try. Making art has been wonderful for me and I've met so many terrific people too, including you. Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Hi Nerissa...I am SOO bad..I still have not posted your parcel. I will d it next week, it has been crazy with my son starting grade 1 and doing after school activities-i have had no time for anything! Plus now I am sick! Bumming around in my p.j's and just taking it easy! I agree about the therapy of blogging and meeting like minded creative people-it is wonderful! Take care!! love the crafts and new jewelry by the way! you rock!