Friday, May 25, 2007

This is Surreal

I had a banner day. I feel like I've broken through. I had an appointment to meet with a store owner in Easton, MD (where I used to live). The store is called La De Da and it is totally a store I'd shop at. She loved my work. I couldn't even believe it. Like I've said before, I'm not really a good sales person for my stuff, I just love creating. Hard to believe I used to be in retail. I think it's different when it's your work. It's so personal to me and I'm a sensitve softie on top of that. So, I'm on a "trial" run as I left some pieces on consignment. I'm really excited though. I could feel their excitement around my work and when someone feels that strongly about it, it's an easy sell. I can't even put into words how grateful I am to have someone give me an opportunity.

EDITED: All this new jewelry on this post and the post below was taken by La De Da. Hence, no longer showing in my Etsy store. :)


Bejeweled said...

Yeah!!! How exciting for you! I know you opened your etsy store not to long ago - hope it's going well for you!

karin (creativechaos) said...

Congratulations!! It is so hard to pour your heart and soul out to a shop owner.....But you did it and were rewarded with deserved praise!! Good for you! Here's to many sales! Karin

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Very very beautiful Nerissa.
Awesome! Off to check out the rest of your blog, I haven't been here in awhile.

steff said...

yayayay!!!! can i say anything more?! congrats to you and your great success!!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Congratulations! Its so great that you took the leap and are going to be selling your wonderful creations in a "real" store- Best of luck!

Sandy McTier said...

Beautiful jewlery.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and the invitation to come help you late spring clean - I'll have to pass though - hehehe!
Have a great week.

lia said...

Hi Nerissa! Oh wow, I was just up near poolesville today!!! went up to White's Ferry to go to outlets to meet another art friend!! Of course you can post on your blog and you are a very kind person yourself, so you deserved the little treat. Good luck with getting your jewelry "out there"! wow. that's really exciting!! xo Lia

Merci-Notes said...

Congratulations!!! I bet you feel amazing at all of the accomplishments that led to this!!! Great job an beautiful work!
With Kindness,