Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Banner Love

I've been playing with my banner up there. I just figured out how to change it. For a few short hours I had my "lovely" homemade one that just didn't fit. I'm so computer illiterate! Briana at Benny & Roo made this one for my Etsy store and I just love it. It's so me with the pink and the flowers I wanted to use it here too. I may play around some more just to see what I can learn. I still can't get a picture to upload with my profile. Maybe I'll try that today. ;)


Anonymous said...

I luff that banner!!

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi,I love the banner!

I had a load of problems trying to get my banner right on Etsy too. I finally got the profile little picture right just by cutting my picture size down.

I know it's frustrating, good luck with it all. Now I am off to Etsy!

best wishes Ginny