Tuesday, July 17, 2012

44 (long, hot) Hours

i couldn't get a good shot of this but a huge part
of a tree landed on  some power lines

we cheered everytime we passed a work crew

I consider us one of the lucky ones.  The MD/DC/VA area had a nasty storm that swept through on Friday evening June 29th.  Saturday morning many woke up to no power, downed trees & power lines & destruction.  We went through 2 nights & most of 2 days without power.  My family has a generator that kept the refrigerators & freezers going & running water. 

lots of downed limbs

this is a tree in my family's yard. there was a huge split in the middle of the trunk.

We got away from the heat by visiting nearby Frederick & Hagerstown.  I couldn't help snapping some photos as we were out.  I took these at Hagerstown.  

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