Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Serious Time

I normally am a pretty happy go lucky kind of gal.  Yeah, I have my moments, just like everyone else but I've learned through the years you pick yourself up & go - at least in our household you'd eventually get left behind - ha!  I've shared some tough moments here on my blog, but I tend to keep most of that private.  Heck this blog started during one of the darkest time of my life.  And I'm lucky that I don't have a ton of tough moments.  We work through them as a family & continue on.  Life as a military wife has made me a stronger better wife, mom & person.

Judge Me Not Canvas 8x10 WIP

This week has been especially tough for me.  There is no grave illness & we still have a roof over our head, it's not that serious, but what happened to me earlier on this week has tested me.  I go back & forth with guilt, shame, anger, & tears.  I can't even completely talk about it without crying.  So I'm on day 2 of "dealing with it".  How did day one go?  I survived, walked through the motions, but I walked around numb.  I felt like a shell of a person.  Not even sushi, beading & blogging could salvage my day.  I normally bounce back after a few hours at most a day, but not this time.  I woke up this morning feeling better but there is still a black cloud in my heart.  I don't know how long this will last.  I am forcing myself to go to my workout tonight.  I force a smile, but it's becoming less forced.

So I stick to what I know.  I find something to feed my soul.  I go back time & again to a canvas with a sentiment.  Here's the beginnings of a new one.  And many thanks to this little sweetheart & her talented mom.  You were the source of inspiration for my canvas.  Thank you for sharing.

Judge Me Not detail Acrylic on Canvas 8x10


Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Nerissa,

I sad to hear that you are having a sad time...just think that it will pass...concentrate on your creativity if you can.

One of the things I teach to my senior students in the retirement residences is painting.
They really enjoy that, they feel free...
Some even feel that they are "leaving" their feelings in their pieces...good and bad.

Stay creative!

~ Gabriela ~

Tara Anderson said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time!! I hope that it will get better soon and this phase will pass. I think that art is always a saving grace in moments like that. I'm glad we were able to inspire you! take care!! xo~ Tara