Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Going There, Again!

Well the dust settled after my last post.  I still get upset when I think about it though.  I've been absolutely crazy prepping for the holidays personally & professionally so I haven't been keeping up as well on my blog class.  I've vowed to set aside 1 hour each day to get caught up.  
I found this gem of a store in Athens.
The frame is option 1 to mark my photos.  I love that my name & the copyright is attached to the picture.
So this is one of the changes I'm working on.  I'm adding a frame with my title, copyright & name as part of the picture.  I'm playing with ideas as to how to mark my photos.  I was using a watermark in the corner of all my photos.  The frame idea may work with my jewelry pictures but I'm not sure I need it for my photographs. I'm not selling them, well, not right now anyways.  

Some WIP's for the upcoming holiday bazaars.  How you do deal with the issue of protecting your photographs?

This class has done so much to update my blog and then some.  It's getting there but there is still a lot to be done.  I have a new header & background.  The sidebar & about me page is getting revamped.  I have a new title!  Talk about giant steps - that's what's been great about the class.  Along with the updates, it's been helping me along the journey of where do I want to go with my art.  I've been considering who I am as a blogger & artist.  How do these moves affect me & my art?  Where am I going with all this photography?

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Gabriela said...

Hello Nerissa,

It's great to see that you keep growing...it's life.
Take advantage of the new templates available with Blogger.
I know it takes time...lots of work...but it's all worth it...


~ Gabriela ~