Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is It Really December?

We've been jam packed with activities here in Kuwait this fall season. The weather's kinda crazy. We dropped out of the 100's into the 90's then next thing you know, we have highs in the 60's. Of course, we're acclimated to the hot weather, so it's cold here now. I'm wearing sweaters & layering!
We took a day trip out to the desert.

On our way to find some camels.

Took a cool Self Portrait.

Watched an amazing Sunset.

We also took a trip out to the beach this past weekend. This is what the beach looks like in Kuwait in December.

Peddling my wares in my first craft show here. Most of my props are in storage so my table didn't look as full as I wanted it to. Of course, I had grand ideas to have TONS more stuff to sell. I'm getting ready for next Christmas now :)

There are more pics over on my flickr account.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nerissa, Your table looks fine. No worries. Keep up the great art!!

Love the pics!

Wish it were in the 60's here. Time:955pm
Location: Northern CA
Temp: 36.



Jackie said...

I got my lovely package! I'm so excited! I love the ornament, it's hanging in a prominent place on my tree.

You are fantastic! Thanks SO MUCH!

It's perfect!