Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pink Saturday ~ Tokens of Love

It's Pink Saturday. Visit our hostess Beverly to see who else is inspired by Pink.

EDITED: Here's the new picture. I've been working with pink dyed coral & the vintage coral beaded chain. And there is the smallest dainty ring with a rose cabochon in the middle.

I'm so darn excited about this collection of jewelry. First off, I've never really done a collection. I've been way too scattered artistically to make a unified collection. Secondly, I don't really follow trends or the calendar. For this Valentines season, something in my mind clicked & I had to make a collection. Granted, no trends have been abused in this collection. I just made what I wanted. The collection is based on trinkets that have been created using vintage or vintage inspired pieces. I've been working with lockets, filigrees, rhinestones, cameos & vintage jewelry. I love the layered look. I can't just hang a locket on a necklace; it has to have a pretty cabochon & some rhinestones layered on top. One design element that is different, for me, is that the trinkets hang from simple vintage chains or beaded chains. It's a little bit of a departure for me. I sometimes believe in the more is better or unbalanced is balanced theory. I hope to get everything listed by this Monday to my Lollishop. I've neglected my little shop for too long & it's time to get some new pretties up. I attribute my collection to the wonderful Sadie. She's such a savvy business woman. Even though I was on vacation, I still continued to read the lolli blog. Right after the holidays she was getting us inspired for Valentines day. There will be an extra special Valentines Day Blog Party, All Dolled Up, & I know there will be lots of Valentines day Pink for us to look at, so make sure you join in the party.

And if you're here early, my apologies for the crappy picture. I need to take one during the day. My little rigged light box didn't work like I wanted it to. I'll post some new pictures in the AM.


Smilingsal said...

That's a nice collection. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday!Nice job on your collection

Virginia said...

Wonderful collection!!!!!

Have a Blessed and happy weekend,
Virginia :)

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Great post, are those corals?

~ Gabriela ~

Jenny S said...

Wow!! Such a great collection! Thank you for your sweet comments!!

CC said...

oooo, your collection is so pretty.
Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Joy said...

Nerissa, all your pieces are so charming. :o)

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Nerissa.

These things are just exquisite. I will be going to your shop to look some more. Thank you for sharing.