Sunday, January 11, 2009


I hit the vintage jackpot! I went alone, so I had no one to hold me back. It was tough, but I left without breaking the bank. I often visit (stalk) a local estate sale company. It's so bad that I have their link on my phone & by Tuesday I'm checking out the website for the weekend sale. This week there was an antique & collectibles sale. Vintage heaven! I could have walked away with a ton more, but I realized I needed to buy groceries this coming week :)
The Mendelssohn song book is in pretty bad shape; cover falling apart, pages stained, but that is what makes it such a great piece to use in artwork. In the top picture, I got a baggie of assorted buttons, 2 great pieces of costume jewelry, & the cutest little shaker (although it was missing its mate)
My splurge was the box of antique lace trims above. I walked by it one time & went back for it just in the nick of time. I got the whole box for a set price. They truely are pretty. I almost got back into my "hoarding how can I use this mode" but they really are too pretty to not be used.
I had to laugh, when I spoke to my sister & cousin to tell them about my finds, I was pretty excited. I told my cousin I have to contain my excitement so I don't make a fool of myself when I go to these things!


Jenny S said...

I am the same way!! I have to prevent myself from doing a happy dance when I find something I like! said...

Oh fantastic finds! It makes me so happy that there are people out there who buy single shakers! =)


I totally get your stalking I mean interest in estate sales! LOL! Been there, will go there again.

Fun, fun, fun blog...thanks for sharing with us and a belated happy pink Saturday!


purplepaint said...

Oh you got some beautiful things!!! It's just like a recurring dream I have where they have all the laces, old photos and everything else that I would love! Now if it would just happen for real! :D Marva