Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cranky... because I can't play with my new goodies

Yes, that's what I am these days. Babysitter, chauffeur, cooker, packer, unpacker, punching bag, tv guide/remote, sibling referee... I'm alive but barely. With Rick's recent surgery, his calendar is my calendar. I just realized I'm driving around 3 states several days a week. Grrrr.. Seriously, I've taken several naps in my car this week & I've been hauling my pink tulle to finish my pretty skirts (See below)
Alright, thanks for letting me rant. On to the creative part!
I've been working on my Vintage Prom Dress swap & incorporated it into my stamp club card swap. I'll have to take pictures when I have some good light. I got some great cards. Every time I participate in a card swap, I can't seem to give them away. To the left are my contributions. So me, pink, glittery, lots of swirls, a few hand doodles & a crown.

With the move, I was still finding & hoarding things. (Honey, no need to read any further) First off, I can't believe my hubby started his own blog. I had to practically BEG him to look at mine. As he says "When you're on drugs, have the use of only one arm & are located in the basement most of the day, you have to do something." Go look at the July 23 post & the side bar with Brandon's quotes. Funny stuff! Feel free to say hello! He also had more posts than I did before this one for the month. How utterly sad.
ANYWAYS, I digress.. I was getting ready to show some hoarding & new goodies. I have become obsessed, I mean, interested in old junk. I stalked the local Goodwill & I found the coolest jewelry boxes for $1.50 total, a beautiful silver bowl for $4 & a handful of jewelry for $1 a piece. I took pictures of them, but I have no idea where the cord is for our external drive. Those will have to wait.
I do have a picture of the beautiful vintage keys. I plan to do metal stamping & rubber stamping with permanent inks. Anyone know what I can use to seal them that isn't toxic to humans so we can wear them as pendants? Here's my trial piece. I can wire beads, solder more stuff on it, glue flat back crystals.... oh the possibilities.
Hope to check back a little more often. I really am cranky these days & art time deprived. Think they're related? Something to think about.


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness Nerissa, you sound so busy, I got tired just reading your blog and had to go and nap! haha, just kidding! Take it easy. Love the keys! Bonnie

T said...

Soooo, you're too busy to make my pajamas, right?