Monday, October 15, 2007

New Classes

I finalized my November teaching schedule at AC Moore in Dover. I've updated the side bar & added the new class descriptions on this post. The other classes are listed on this post.

Beginner/Intermediate Jewelry Making
Mosaic Pendant
Make your very own unique pendants. I'll teach you how to make the base pendant from wire & weave beads into your frame. Use your leftover beads or "bead soup" for this class. You will no longer have those "orphaned" beads with no where to go. I like to use 2-3 color combos. If you are new to beading & don't have leftovers, no worries. Not only will you accumulate some soon :) but the store sells great bead packs with a variety of styles & sizes. They are all color coordinated & also serve as color inspiration. If you're stuck, go take a look.

Basic Jewelry Making: Slider Necklace
Use double hole sliders to make unique necklaces. I adore these components. There are two sets of holes to string. The uses are endless & I love to look for different & unconventional ways to use these. The necklace pictured is an asymmetrical design. One side has the double sliders & 2 rows of Czech fire polished crystals. The other has clear Czech fire polished crystals & some beautiful pink, black, & white vintage German ovals.

I also use the sliders in my Chunky Funky bracelets.

I did a demo yesterday at AC Moore with the bead spinner & some of the new beads for sale. (I used to love getting new merchandise in when I worked retail.) I also enjoyed using the bead spinner. I don't do seed beading as much as I used to, perhaps because I don't want to spend my life picking up each bead. It worked pretty well, although you'd have to use silk or cotton string or fireline. It's way too thick for size 11 seed bead to go through the big eye needle & .012 nylon coated wire.

New Beads!!

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