Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've Missed You

I was gone last week to meet my new little niece, Kayden. What a cutie. Where are the pictures you ask? All my stuff, including my photo software, is housed in an external drive which has no power source at this time. Hence, no pics and no recent posts. I need help!
When I get something figured out, I'm sure I can move my photo program, I'll start posting again. I have so much to post.
  1. My pink PURPOSE pages for Gina's Artjournalz group.
  2. I did a goodie swap with Bonnie. Ooh did I get some fabulous artwork. She's so talented!
  3. The ATC doodle swap I did over at Chrysti's.
  4. I have some new jewelry to post on my Etsy store.

At least the computer works so I can read everyone's blogs. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh no, bummer! But you're right, at least your puter still works!
I feel like i've been neglecting blog-land too. Sigh.

karin (creativechaos) said...

Welcome Back!!!!