Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer by the Numbers

beautiful butterfly hanging by the garage
photo taken with iPhone - summer digital rubon

Time home: 2 weeks
Number of packages waiting for me when I got home: 5
Trips to Target: 4
Trips to Michaels: 4 Trips to Super Jo-Ann's: 2
Trips to the grocery store: every other day

waiting for white's ferry
photo taken with Nikon D90

Ferry rides: 5
Times I've stopped the car to take photos: 3
Number of movies: 2 and in 3D!

I can't stop looking up at the blue sky, fluffy clouds & green trees
photo taken with iPhone

Days I drive like a Sunday driver: everyday
Times I've honked the horn & cursed while driving: 0
Number of different traffic cameras I've passed: 7
Number of possible speeding tickets: 1

Times I've counted my blessings: Daily

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