Monday, February 6, 2012

When You Wish...

upon a star

I cannot wait for our trip to the states.  While in Florida we'll be visiting that magical place & I'll hopefully be running my first half marathon.  I have patellar tendinits "jumper's knee" & hope it will heal in time to allow me to run.  Training for this marathon has been quite a journey for me.  Every weekend I completed a long run I would be so amazed that I did it.  I have not been a runner for quite some time (think grade school).   My short runs are 2-3 miles & I've run as far as 8 which is my personal best.  I can't believe that I'm a runner!

So for now, I'll sit & wait.  I've trained enough that I know I can finish 13.1 miles & finish in the allotted time.  It is so huge that I actually believe I can do it.  That Bus of Shame has been such a motivator to keep me training & hopefully it will be behind me.


sunnylove said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi nerisse...

You have shown a lot of determination and enthusiam... I am positive that you will finish the longest run of your life and I am sure in the future you can run farther.

I will be looking forward for the great news. Take care of yourself and that precious knee.

Enjoy your vacation!


Haveca great vacation..... You can do it!

Michelle 