Thursday, October 21, 2010

About Time For Some Jewelry

The newest beauty I made.  The flowers are from Paula's Kit Club (French General)  I love all the shades of blue in this one (you'll see more below).  The piece started with the flowers & built from there.
More Arabesque style pendants.  I love the class I took from LB o J'zazz.  I'm ready to take more.  The class has really inspired me to start working with seed beads again.  I've pulled out books I purchased eeons ago (Bead Fantasies series) & never made a project from.  (I enjoyed looking at them for inspiration)
I bought this pendant when I went home to FL.  Maybe I'm still inspired which accounts for the blue kick I'm on.  I need to find the artists card.  She made all sorts of fun pendants & has an etsy store. 
Who knew this lovely would ever be completed?  The middle component, all the wired beads, has been sitting in my bead stash forever.  I kid you not, it's been years.  Finally a beautiful piece I'm happy with!  

A grouping of pieces in various stages of completion.  I worked on all of these during a local Meet & Bead session (gotta love the LB o J'zazz ladies).  I should get my stuff together & finish all of them up.  The 2 necklaces are complete :)
So there it is, an update, Finally!  I've been busy with my jewelry making but still on the fence about where to go with it.  I have a huge holiday bazaar in the pipeline so I'm busy with that.  Hopefully I can enjoy the process preparing for the bazaar & find some clarity along the way.


Fleur de Bee said...

Those pendants are amazing!! I can see possibly the artwork in the country you're in right now shines through the design. no? LURVE!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Amazing pendants and the photos are fantastic!