Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finding My Creative Footing Again

It's always a weird feeling for me when I don't feel like creating.  It's one thing when I hit a creative block; it's quite another when I don't feel like doing something that is as important to me as breathing.  I've been backed up with housework & tired & even a bit sick.  Then one night I got out of bed & just started creating - This is what I came up with.  I bought a whole bunch of these agate slices about 4 years ago & worked with them for a bit then put them aside.  I'm glad I shipped them with my craft supplies.  I feel a little creative obsession coming on.
Digital frame: Hof3 It's my absolute fave!

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Cindy Dean said...

Hey Nerrisa! I totally understand about the not even wanting to create thing...I still haven't gotten on the band wagon. I hope all is well in lands far away...Thinking of you