Monday, March 29, 2010

Artist Class ~ Garden Party

Celebrate Spring with Artist Class Garden Party
Save $10 with the code "creativerants" at checkout

Come join us for the next session of Artists Class.  Look at the beautiful projects we'll be making.  I'm excited for this one by Tina Jenson.  I'm thinking of all the cute places I can put these flowers.

The ever creative hostess Mary Green says:
Did you know that April is National Garden Month? It's a great time to celebrate Springtime, Gardens, and the return of sunshine with the newest 4 week Artist Class session.
This Garden Party session is filled with great Artists, charming projects and loads of extras - plenty of them designed to entice you into a springtime garden-fresh mood. Shake off the grey and throw open the windows, this is your time to push aside any lingering gloom...and bring your creativity to life.

The price of a session of Artist Class is normally $59.00, but Garden Party is just $49.00 - $10.00 off the original price. Then, with an Artist's discount code you'll save $10.00 more.
You'll pay just $39.00 in all!

Come get in the mood for Spring!

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