Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Charlottesville Bucket List

My mosaic made with pictures from my Charlottesville photo set.

Oh, the sadness!! I've become quite attached to this city & I haven't even lived here for a year yet. I hope to be back eventually. Here's my bucket list for the next week & a half.
  1. Just one more Beads & Lunch. I'm gonna miss this store & I'm going to miss the talented staff & wonderful regulars that have welcomed me with open arms. If you visit downtown Charlottesville, this is a must stop.

  2. I also need one more estate sale. I've gotten to know Beverly & her staff as I've became a regular. They treat everyone so well. I'll not only miss the good shopping, but again, the wonderful people.

  3. Fridays After Five ~ I'm gonna miss the music & the kettle corn. Fun & yum!

  4. Ruckersville, VA ~ Antique/junking shops galore :)

  5. The Barn Swallow


Anonymous said...

You seem to have gotten yourself attached to the place :-) But i guess with wonderful views such as those, doing activities that are very enjoyable, and meeting wonderful people - who can blame you? :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nerrissa! Great photo set! You got me inspired for summer! (only insert massive LA heatwave and scorched foileage instead of pretty pink blossoms...)
Someday I will make it to VA!