Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long Over Due

I adore this area. Seriously, can't we stay any longer. I love both of the boys schools. I love all the parks we can go to. I love Fridays After Five. I love all the treasure hunting I can do here. Even thought I can't buy everything I want, I'm in eye candy heaven. All these lovely pictures of "stuff" was taken in Ruckersville, VA. I pass the tiny town everytime we travel back to Maryland. While I was ranting & raving about traveling among 3 states, I found several wonderful places to visit. I kept joking with my huband about going back "to that place that has 1000's of old books". (Honey, if your reading this, I've gone 3 times already :) Surprise
Now that the cat's out of the bag, here's the pics & some stuff I found.
There is also a fabric store here in Charlottesville, the Second Yard. Upholstery fabric & trims galore. The store is a house so every room is another room of fun. I have no room in our house & I still have a ton of fabric from my Robert Allen days so I walked away empty handed. Do you know how hard it was to leave the tolie room?
I signed up for 2 swaps that I knew would coincide with our move, yes I signed up for craziness. I figured that I would need some art time to get my mind off the stress. I received my Itty Bitty House book & Vintage Prom Gown book. WOW! I was so glad to have signed up. If you like working in small scale, go take a look at the pool pictures. I adore our fearless leaders Mary Ann, Bridget, & Jo. I was very good & did not sign up for any swaps when we got here, but now I'm in withdrawl.
I finally got my winning package off to Julie. I threw in some extras since I was so late. I've been having fun playing with packaging. I'm going through a tulle phase right now. It comes in so many colors & I can own it in every single one if I want.
Well, I think I'll sign off for now. I have so much more to post, so I promise to be back soon!
EDITED: I've dumped a bunch of pictures on my flickr account. I'll try to catch up on blogging & tell you about them.


Anak ti Diablo said...

Can't wait to get my tulle pajamas!

Bejeweled said...

Those sound like some amazing places to spend an afternoon browsing!

A toile room?! hee...hee.. you would have had to drag me out!

Karin said...

Hi there stranger!! Looks like a great place!