Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Alive & Card Swap

To those of you who have visited my blog & I have not written you back, I'm so sorry. I got sick, AGAIN. It was worse this time around. Both the boys were also sick & Rick wasn't here. The week before that, Rick had surgery, so as he says he's "Gimpy" I'm so happy to have just made it through last week. Enough whining on my end. I just want everyone to know I really appreciate the comments you make. Thank you especially to everyone who commented about Brandon's birdhouse. It's been wonderful sharing the comments with him. His eyes just lit up.
This was fun & I really should do more card swaps. They're quite easy to make so I don't have a huge commitment & I get the creative juices out. This swap was hosted by the lovely Regina. Go take a look at her blog; she's got a bunch of tutorials (they're listed on her sidebar)
I was instantly inspired by the themes: birds, trees, flowers, & bees. Most of these cards are such a departure from my usual color palette. (Only 1 pink card). The tree cards are my fave. They are pictures I took here in Dover during winter of last year. I made copies & did the packing tape transfer. I just love doing those tape transfers.

While I was sick, I was able to complete my application for the Dover OSC craft show for this November. The packet was due today & I made it. I took the plunge with this show since I'm so familiar with it. It's only 1 day & I think I'm ready to put myself out there. The mess pictured is my home studio. One of the things I had to include was pictures of my work space. AGGG! Karin, when I wrote the info about it I stole the Creative Chaos name. Thank you :) Seriously, you wanna see this craziness? I didn't think they wanted a picture of my kitchen table or my bed. Really, I create wherever. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Sandy said...

so sorry to hear you've been sick again!
Love the cards!
Have a wonderful week.
Sandy :)