Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Blog Home

It's time for a change. I'm starting fresh on a new blog & in a new country - Republic of Korea (South Korea).  Please visit me at

Friday, August 31, 2012

Memories of a Lifetime

I've been saying it for awhile now, this assignment in Kuwait has been life changing.  Now the time has come to say goodbye.  I am writing this ahead of time, before we depart.  We're spending our last night in country at the embassy for one last hurrah.  It's crazy to think I will have been in 3 countries this month - what an amazing life we lead!  See You on the other side!

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Love Letter to America

Dear America:

gaithersburg, md
I've called you home my whole life, but it took living abroad to find such deep appreciation & love for you.  The past 3 years I've left time & time again for exotic locations & every time I return you welcome me back with open arms.

clarksburg, md

lighthouse point, fl
hagerstown, md

hillsboro beach, fl
It's the small things that make me happy when I visit.  I am free to make the choice to drive as a Sunday driver or like a bat out of hell.  Both have consequences, both I am free to choose.  I can chose which craft store to go to, which Target location, even which state I shop in but I am free to choose.   I can choose to have baked cheetos or good old fashioned calorie loaded cheetos.  These are not life altering choices but I have them every time I come home to you.

deerfield beach, fl

So as I leave you again for my next adventure, I smile knowing you will be here when I return.  Life isn't perfect here, but it's pretty darn close.

gaithersburg, fl

beallsville, md

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farm Life

taking a break on the job

the girls & babies pen

brandon & grandma driving the poop vacuum - yes, there is
such a thing

left behind - josh not quite old enough to drive the tractor with grandma


gustave "gus"

josh doing some hard work

What an amazing experience it has been for my mini-men this summer.  The kids are learning to live with me instead of a maid (haha) & doing chores.  They do everyday things like laundry, making their bed & helping with dishes.  Here in MD they also help with the dogs & alpacas. This city girl takes photos & observes. I have to say, I've come a long way since visiting the first time as Rick's girlfriend.  I used to say they lived out in "the sticks".  Rick chased me at the farm store with dried chicken feet - I went to a farm store for the first time in my life!  Ha ha!

Love this life we live! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

44 (long, hot) Hours

i couldn't get a good shot of this but a huge part
of a tree landed on  some power lines

we cheered everytime we passed a work crew

I consider us one of the lucky ones.  The MD/DC/VA area had a nasty storm that swept through on Friday evening June 29th.  Saturday morning many woke up to no power, downed trees & power lines & destruction.  We went through 2 nights & most of 2 days without power.  My family has a generator that kept the refrigerators & freezers going & running water. 

lots of downed limbs

this is a tree in my family's yard. there was a huge split in the middle of the trunk.

We got away from the heat by visiting nearby Frederick & Hagerstown.  I couldn't help snapping some photos as we were out.  I took these at Hagerstown.